Christmas 2017 was great!

This morning, when I woke up, I could hardly wait to check if Santa Claus had brought me presents for Christmas. And he had done it! Of course I unpacked them immediately and I just loved what I received. A super cool Nerf Super Blaster and some very funny comics.

Then we went for breakfast to our friend Ibu Yani. Her Nasi Campur was as delicious as ever!

Beef Rendang for dinner! How delicious!

Beef Rendang for dinner! How delicious!

For dinner, we spoiled ourselves with a delicious Beef Rendang. It was very tasty and I devoured it all in a few minutes. 😛

We're playing Risk together

We’re playing Risk together

Later, at home, we played some Risk together. It was quite funny! 🙂

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