The day of the End of the Ogoh-ogohs

I'm still sleeping on the rooftop

I’m still sleeping on the rooftop

I was sleeping very well on our friend’s rooftop. Luckily, we had brought our mosquito net, so we weren’t bothered by these little pests.

After 6am, when Nyepi was over and the normal life started again (with all the noise and buzzing), we went to the beach to see the final stage of the Ogoh-Ogohs. They are being burned on the beach after Nyepi.

It was somehow surreal seeing the beautiful Ogoh-ogohs burning and kids playing with some limbs of them. It somehow reminded me of a very strange war scenery…

While the Ogoh-Ogohs were burning, a new procession arrived on the beach. All dressed in the traditional temple clothes and lot of women and men were carrying containers on their heads. Later, they prayed on the beach and the containers were filled. We learned the next day that this was part of a water ceremony which was held for the first time in our village. They made sea- and mountain-water meet in a big water-battle.

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