I think our gecko is angry…

Our gecko is changing it's skin

Our gecko is changing it’s skin

After the Swim Fest, I could go home with Mom and Dad and had the rest of the day off. When we arrived home, our gecko sat on the wall next to our door and looked pretty strange. 😯
Since it couldn’t see a thing with the old skin hanging over his head and that same skin seemed to bother him pretty much, Mom wanted to help him by softly taking the old skin off. Sadly, the gecko didn’t seem to appreciate the help. It jumped at my mom, then let himself drop on the floor and bolted away under our fish pond where it was hiding and making angry noises when we tried to check if everything was ok with him. So we left him in peace.

Woah! I think we made him a bit angry

Woah! I think we made him a bit angry

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