Ayo! Let’s go to Jogja!

I wasn’t too happy when I had to get up very early today but since I knew that it was for a special reason, it was ok. So I got ready and we headed for the airport to catch our flight to Yogyakarta. When we arrived at the airport, my mood had already brightened up and I had lots of fun shooting pictures with Mom.

Soon our aircraft was ready and since Mom and Dad had reserved seats for us, it was very comfortable.

During the flight, we could see wonderful panoramas. First of Bali’s Volcanoes and Lake Tamblingan (I did the Jungle Trekking there, remember?) and then also Java’s Volcanoes and Gunung Merapi. The views were amazing! 😯

When we landed in Jogja, I could hardly wait to get out of the airplane and start exploring the city!

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