Cool! Baking bread without an oven

That's our homemade pita bread

That’s our homemade pita bread

When we decided to have a barbecued chicken for dinner, we also knew that we’d want to try something new as side-dish: Mom has always been a fan of homemade bread but since we don’t have an oven here in Bali, she hadn’t tried baking yet. Then Dad had the idea of making Pita Bread.

It’s pretty easy!

You need

500 g flour
1 bag (11g) of instant yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
about 280ml lukewarm water

That’s how you prepare the Pita Bread:

Take a big bowl and put the flour and the salt in it. Then dissolve the instant yeast in a small glass of lukewarm water (take it from the 280ml) and add the sugar.

Then add the content of the glass to the flour and start adding the lukewarm water, too. Make sure not to add too much water as this will make the dough very sticky. Normally, 280ml water should be absolutely enough.

While adding the water, begin mixing everything with a plastic spatula and then start kneading the dough until it is smooth.

Now cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and let it rise until it has doubled in volume. With our temperatures here in Bali, about 1 to 1,5 hours are enough time.

Then knead the dough again and divide it into 12 to 14 equal dough balls. Spread each dough ball to a circle of about 3mm thickness and 15 to 20 cm diameter.

We usually heat our non sticky wok at a low temperature while preparing the first dough circle and while one is cooking, we spread the next one.

Make sure to bake the dough at a low temperature, without any oil and to turn it often to prevent it from sticking to your pan.

When it starts to form bubbles and get brown spots, it’s ready.
While baking all Pita Breads, we let the prepared ones cool down without covering them. That way they become crispy. If you want them more soft, just cover them after cooking.

Mom had found the recipe here but since it’s in German, we translated it for you. 😉

Yummy! A delicious dinner!

Yummy! A delicious dinner!

Dad had prepared a delicious eggplant-tartare which we enjoyed with our Pita Bread, the grilled chicken and baked potatoes!

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