Longboarding with my friends

Galang and I are longboarding

Galang and I are longboarding

My friend Galang came to my home today to invite me to try some long boarding with his friends. So Mom and Dad packed their photo cameras and accompanied me.

Longboarding is fun!

Longboarding is fun!

I had used a longboard before in Italy but never on a downward sloping road. Luckily, Galang and his friends borrowed me their protectors and helmets and so I was safe and well protected.

Mom and Dad were quite surprised about how well I was doing already, this being the first time I tried long boarding on a street. 🙂

Of course my abilities are still far below the ones of Galang and his friends who where bolting down the street at quite high speeds. But I’m still a beginner, so what?!

That's the longboard crew and I

That’s the longboard crew and I

Since Galang and his friends were doing quite well, my Mom also made a small video from their performance:

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