My Mom’s Birthday

My mom's little birthday cake

My mom’s little birthday cake

Today was my mom’s birthday and my dad got her a little birthday cake for surprise. 🙂

I drew a picture for my mom

I drew a picture for my mom

I had drawn a picture for my mom, which she liked very much.

We're having fun at the Warung

We’re having fun at the Warung

We went do a cool Warung we had discovered recently for lunch and had quite a lot of fun there.

Let's play Uno Stack

Let’s play Uno Stack

They have games there and while enjoying our drinks and waiting for our lunch, we played some Uno Stack. Although we didn’t play long until the whole tower collapsed and sent all pieces scattering on the table and on the floor. What a noise! 😀

Ok, that was quick!

Ok, that was quick!

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