Having Fun on a Beach-Saturday

I'm having fun in the break

I’m having fun in the break

Since the weather was a bit warmer today (during the last few days it had been pretty cold around here), we decided so spend the day on the beach. Sadly, there weren’t any waves, so I left my boards at home.

Aren't there any waves coming?

Aren’t there any waves coming?

But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t have fun in the water. 😉

Oops... sandy shower...!

Oops… sandy shower…!

When we wanted to shoot a photo of me in the surf, I got a pretty sandy shower. :-[

I like doing the slo-mo very much

I like doing the slo-mo very much

And then I drove mom crazy when she told me to run in the surf towards her because she wanted to make a slow motion video. Well, I had more fun doing the slow motion instead of running 😆 😆

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