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Bok What?

This drink has an alien-colour!

This drink has an alien-colour!

When I came home from school today, a strange coloured drink was waiting for me. It looked like a liquid alien but it actually tasted very nice. Mom explained that this was an Ananas-Bok-Choy-Juice.

Here’s the recipe:

1 entire Bok Choy head
1/2 Ananas
3 Tablespoons Honey
650 ml Drinking water (as cold as possible)

Wash the Bok Choy, take off the outermost leaves, cut off the stump and slice it (half an inch wide slices). Peel the Ananas, get rid of it’s stem and cut it in pieces. Fill the Ananas, the Bok Choy, the 650ml drinking water into your blender. Add the honey and blend it all until you have a smooth yellowish juice.

As soon as you pour it into glasses, the juice will start getting a greenish color.

Enjoy as soon as possible.

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