The Javanese policemen are very nice!

The policemen are enjoying their stay in Bali

The policemen are enjoying their stay in Bali

Since there was a very important meeting of the IMF taking place in Bali, the government of Badung had decided to close all schools for an entire week! What a great surprise! Therefore, I didn’t have to go to school this morning but went to the beach instead.

There were a lot of VIP’s from all over the world coming to our island and to ensure their safety, additional police forces had been brought to Bali. So I met some very nice policemen from Java that were patrolling the roads close to the beach.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures together and they had super cool motorbikes! Last time I encountered police in Indonesia, it was a bit scary – not because of the policemen but because of the “pet” they had… 😉

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