Enjoying the colors of Little India

Little India is so colorful

Little India is so colorful

The flight to Singapore went very well and after meeting our visa guy, we decided to explore Little India as we had liked it very much during our former visit in 2016 (Here and here)

The Diwali decorations are still hanging over the streets

The Diwali decorations are still hanging over the streets

The district itself is already very colorful but the Diwali decorations were still hanging over the streets, so there really were colors everywhere.

Look at this beautiful mural

Look at this beautiful mural

Besides that, we also noticed some very beautiful and colorful new murals which we hadn’t seen during our last visit.

Lunch-time arrived soon and so we stopped at a Indian vegetarian restaurant which we remembered well from 2016 because of their delicious Mango Lassi. Mom and dad ordered the dish of the day which consisted of various types of pita breads with different sauces. It looked quite strange but actually tasted quite nice.

Then we had another dish that looked a bit like a strange pizza. It was like a bread omelette made with fresh tomatoes and red onions. It was also served with the same sauces as the dish before and this one, too, tasted quite nice.

The only thing that I didn’t really like were the desserts. They looked cool but they were so crazy sweet that I could hardly eat them.

After lunch, we had another walk across the district and came a cross some sort of a playground with elephants. Since I like elephants very much (I still remember Melanie and the baby elephants back in 2013 in Bali, although I would never do that kind of attraction anymore because now I know how these wonderful animals suffer in those parks…), I couldn’t resist climbing and riding them. 🙂

During our little stross across the district, we also saw many other new colorful murals and enjoyed the visit very much.

Christmas is coming to town...

Christmas is coming to town…

Since December was just around the corner, we also saw the first Christmas Decorations popping up in the city.

Oh, wow! That's what I call a pimp ride!

Oh, wow! That’s what I call a pimp ride!

And in the evening, when we went for lunch, I saw the craziest colored car I had ever seen. 😆 😆

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