Waiting to fly back to Bali…

I'm having fun in the airport

I’m having fun in the airport

After the Santa-Shooting, we headed to the airport for taking our flight back to Bali. I could hardly wait to get there as I had seen enough of Singapore and wanted to go back home. The whole airport was decorated and so I made some more photos.

By the way, I post many of them also on my Instagram, which you can find here.

While we wait, I study for my school

While we wait, I study for my school

While we were waiting in the departure hall, I studied a bit for my school since I had to do the semester exams after our return.

We departed close to a heavy thunderstorm and therefore the flight wasn’t very calm. Luckily, we didn’t have heavy turbulence, the whole flight just felt like driving on a quite bumpy road.

A bit after midnight, we arrived tired but happy and healthy in Bali.

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