Back on my favorite island!

Luckily I could hardly feel Yesterday’s dog-bite anymore and since the doctor had said that it was ok if I traveled, I could hardly wait to board the ferry to Nusa Penida this morning.

The sea was quite calm and so I enjoyed a bit of small talk with one of the other passengers during the short trip.

Mom made a short video for you during our trip.

When we arrived on the island, we could hardly believe our eyes: we had never seen Nusa Penida being that green before! It was wonderful!

I love being on the island

I love being on the island

I really enjoyed being back and exploring the whole island. Although we have visited almost all of it, there are always new spots to discover!

The Teletubby Hills are amazingly green

The Teletubby Hills are amazingly green

Look at how green the Teletubby Hills are!

Let's enjoy a short walk

Let’s enjoy a short walk

Since the sky was cloudy, it wasn’t that extremely hot and so we even enjoyed a short walk.

If you like, you can see some more of our impressions in our video.

When we wanted to visit one of our favorite beaches, we were sad to learn that the Lombok Earthquake had left traces on Nusa Penida, too. It had destroyed the path to the beach because it made the rock break off. Now it was too dangerous to descend. So we changed plans and enjoyed a delicious Nasi Goreng with a view! 😛

Can't wait to eat Ikan Tongkol again!

Can’t wait to eat Ikan Tongkol again!

In the evening, we went to the harbor to pick up one of our most loved delicacies on the island: Ikan Tongkol (grilled baby tuna). 😛

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