The last day of 2018!

Good morning Nusa Penida

Good morning Nusa Penida

This morning, we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise. A very nice way to start the last day of the year 2018!

My mom made a short movie for you, enjoy!

Look at this beach!

Look at this beach!

Then, we decided to visit a beach which had become famous recently: Diamond Beach. Since it is already a tourist destination, there’s no need “hiding” the spot. Although it was quite far from where we stay, we enjoyed the ride in the beautiful weather very much.

What do you think about it? Let me tell you that the descent was very steep and pretty dangerous. If you suffer from vertigo, you should be very, very careful and better wear good shoes since the gravel on the steps and slopes of the cliff is very slippery.

Look at this beautiful beach! The location really was well worth the effort of the descent!

What a panorama from the Rumah Pohon - The Tree House

What a panorama from the Rumah Pohon – The Tree House

Our next stop was the Rumah Pohon viewpoint. Also an already well known spot. That’s why we name it here, too.

Many people come here to take selfies. I even met some very kind women from Jakarta. We had a short chat and I was amazed to see that one of them was a teacher who even spoke German! 😯

In the evening, we were invited by our friends to spend the last night of 2018 together. Of course we did some more Karaoke but the highlight was Wayan, the Warung owner’s wife who prepared delicious fish and sambal goreng (fried sambal). That was super delicious! A really nice way to end the old year! 😆

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