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Cool! Our straws arrived!

Our straws are cool!

Our straws are cool!

Well, first of all: we usually don’t ever use any straws at all. If we dring something outside of our home, we just clean the glasses/cans and tell the staff already when ordering, that we don’t want a straw.

But there’s one exception: Young coconuts. We haven’t figured out yet, how to drink from a young coconut without spilling half of the coconut water. That’s why, for these occasions, we bought ourselves silicone straws that come complete with cleaning equipment and can be easily stored in our bags. That way, we don’t need to use any single-use-straws.

By the way, we also tried bamboo straws before buying the silicone ones but the bamboo becomes moist in the rain season and then mold and mildew which leave a disgusting taste and smell even when the straw has been cleaned thoroughly.

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