Wow! A very nice ending for a great evening!

The coolest band in Bali: Lolotband

The coolest band in Bali: Lolotband

While we were heading home after Pande’s and Rina’s wedding celebration, we noticed that we maybe were still be in time to see our favorite band’s concert at the beach festival. So we stopped on the way home. And we were in time, in fact! Lolotband was the last act, as usual and so they hadn’t even started yet, when we arrived.

I love their music!

I love their music!

The concert was great as ever! We also made a small movie for you, to enjoy their music and the mood:

But guess what: The best came last, as usual!

Aren't we cool?!

Aren’t we cool?!

After the concert, I had another opportunity to meet Lolot!

Don’t we look cool?! 😎

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