Rain! Finally!

At the moment, I enjoy handycraft work

At the moment, I enjoy handycraft work

While I was painting some of my homemade handycraft works, I suddenly heard a big drop of water splashing on our roof. And then a second one, and a third, forth, fifth one and then, the so much expected first heavy downpour started! 😀

It's raining, finally!

It’s raining, finally!

You can’t imagine, how happy we were that there was rain, finally. Of course I couldn’t resist to go outside and have fun in the rain. The nice thing is that here, in the tropics, the temperature stays about the same, even during rain. Not like in Europe, where you’re freezing your butt off as soon as the first raindrops start falling. 😆 😆

We also made a small movie for you to enjoy. 😆

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