Finally! We found a Kue Putu Ayu vendor, again!

Yes! We finally met another vendor!

Yes! We finally met another vendor!

I know that sounds probably crazy but can you imagine that we’ve been looking for a Kue Putu Ayu vendor for almost 5 years? Yes, 5 years!

The guy that used to sell those little delicacies on the beach had vanished in 2015 and never came back. We had asked everyone we know and nobody knew where to get those little cakes. When mom picked me up from school today, she heard the typical whistle of the Kue Putu Ayu vendor’s pot and she slammed on the brakes of her motorbike.

There he was with his “flying kitchen” perched on his bike, parked along the road: The friendly guy who sold our beloved cakes.

Of course we bought 3 big portions and could hardly wait to surprise dad with them. He’s a Kue Putu Ayu-lover, too! 😆 😆

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