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Yves Straten aka Fonzie

This is Yves Straten's (Fonzie's) diary

We’ll be having Tokay Gecko Babies!

The Master laid an egg!

The Master laid an egg!

After his appearance two days ago, the Master of disaster had another surprise for us: When mom and dad entered our outside bathroom, they found him (or her? ūüôĀ ) clinging to our bathroom plant, holding an egg! ūüėĮ

He's protecting his egg by all means

He’s protecting his egg by all means

Of course, as nasty as the Master usually is, he (or she?) immediately started barking at mom and dad. We were quite clueless about why he had chosen such a space to lay the egg when the whole house and especially the roof were available.

But it seems that he's ok with us using our bathroom

But it seems that he’s ok with us using our bathroom

After a few minutes, it seemed as if the Tokay Gecko had accepted our presence. In fact, Mom and dad had also “explained” to him that we need our bathroom… with or without the egg.

(*** Note by mom: actually eggs …. a second one was dropped on the floor next to the plant. To protect it from birds, we built a small cage-hut with a large entrance on the side so that no bird could steal it but the Master could enter, just in case… ***)

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