Our super-delicious-healthy-drink recipe

That's our delicious health booster drink

That’s our delicious health booster drink

This is our super-delicious-healthy-drink and it’s super easy to prepare:

You need:
A juicer
4-6 oranges (the small ones we have in Bali, if you prepare it with the bigger ones from Europe or America, just use less)
1 carrot
2cm ginger root
a splash of good vegetable oil
drinking water

Just peel al the oranges, the carrot and the ginger and put them in your juicer. Add a splash of oil to the finished juice before stirring it and filling it into the glasses, add some water and ice-cubes and stir again. Enjoy as soon as possible as the water and fruit-juice will start to separate again, soon. The oil helps your body to absorb the vitamins.

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