This dog has such a cool mask!

Doesn't he look cute?

Doesn’t he look cute?

Look at this cute dog! We met him for the first time when we went to pick-up our breakfast this morning. Since he looks a lot like Moni, I’d say he’s one of her babies, don’t you agree?

I'd say he's one of Moni's babies

I’d say he’s one of Moni’s babies

When mom fed the other dogs, she also put some food apart for him. Luckily, the others left him in peace while they were busy eating… one thing that sadly isn’t always guaranteed.

Who can resist this look?

Who can resist this look?

Unfortunately, we can’t have a dog and if we did, we’d probably already have adopted Moni, Coki, Felix and Creng but whenever we’ll see him, he’ll receive his share of our food. 🙂

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