My Birthday was amazing!

I'm unpacking my birthday present

I’m unpacking my birthday present

Well, of course, I was quite sad, when I understood that I wouldn’t have a birthday party this year due to the Corona Virus restrictions but when I opened my present, all the sadness was blown away instantly!

Wow! Those things look super cool!

Wow! Those things look super cool!

I received super cool hover shoes! I had never seen anything like those before! They looked amazing!

Let's give it a first try!

Let’s give it a first try!

Of course I could hardly wait until I could try them on our Basketball field.

We also made a video for you to enjoy my first moves:

In the afternoon, we also enjoyed the cake mom had baked for me. It’s my preferred cake: A Swedish chocolate cake. 😛

Now I can make a wish!

Now I can make a wish!

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