“The chubby one” aka “der Dicke” enjoys his drink

But even when he's drinking, he's on alert...

But even when he’s drinking, he’s on alert…

As you maybe remember, we always bring our leftovers from the day before to the beach promenade, when we head there for picking up our breakfast at Ibu Komang’s Warung.

Moni, Felix and Concreng are our habitués (sadly, Coki is dead and somehow Balls has been missing for many weeks now) but for some time, “Der Dicke” has become more and more confident and seems to be part of “the gang” now. Perhaps he took Coki’s spot, who knows. For some time, we also started bringing fresh water to the beach because all Warungs are closed and we feared that the dogs don’t have access to freshwater because of that.

"Der Dicke" seems to be thirsty...

“Der Dicke” seems to be thirsty…

It seems, our plan was a good one because “Der Dicke” emptied the whole bowl full of water this morning. 😯

Although he’s become quite confident towards us, he’s still on high alert, even while drinking. This makes us think that maybe he was hit by a car or motorbike some time ago when the vets took him to treat him because he was deeply wounded on the back of his head.

One thought on ““The chubby one” aka “der Dicke” enjoys his drink

  1. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen “the chubby one” for more than a month now… we fear that he’s dead, too… 🙁 He hated cars and we think he was hit by one a few years ago. But he still used to sleep in the middle of the road. So we’re afraid that either, he was run over by a car or somebody could have killed him because his constant barking was annoying… 🙁

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