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A nice promenade with Koncreng and Felix

Felix is coming for a walk with us

Felix is coming for a walk with us

As you can see in the last photo, the sky looked as if a thunderstorm was imminent but we decided to nevertheless go for a short promenade on the beach (hoping that we wouldn’t get soaked this time…)
Felix was already waiting for us and wanted to join.

Koncreng also wants to join

Koncreng also wants to join

Koncreng also wanted to join but in the photo, you can see her problem: She’s become almost completely blind. This makes going for a walk with her quite a challenge but we love it when she joins, so we just consider her handicap and act accordingly, by for example talking to her a lot and staying close to her.

Our "grandma" looks good today!

Our “grandma” looks good today!

She looked quite energetic and could hardly wait to start our promenade, too, just like Felix.

Koncreng stays close to me because she's blind

Koncreng stays close to me because she’s blind

During our walk, Koncreng always stayed very close to us, not to risk losing us. So we sometimes really had to watch out and be careful not to kick her when she strolled almost between our legs. Of course, we brought her back to her usual resting spot before going home. ūüėČ

It was really nice having grandma accompanying us today. ūüėÜ ūüėÜ

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  1. Yves 11. April 2022 — Post author

    Unfortunately, it seems that Koncreng also left us quite a while ago. We haven’t seen her for quite a long time. Mom sometimes searched for her and called her, but when we last met her, she was so scared because she had become completely blind, and it seemed as if she didn’t even recognize mom by her smell any more. That was the last time we walked with her. ūüôĀ

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