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My Kaiserschmarrn turned out delicious!

Yves is beating the egg whites with an immersion blender

I am beating the egg whites until they are foamy

You maybe remember that I first tasted Kaiserschmarrn in 2016 in Arezzo and loved it immediately. That’s why mom had already prepared it a few times here in Bali, too.

Yves now adds the egg whites foam to the rest of the dough

I am incorporating the foam into the dough

Today, I wanted to prepare it, and so I used the recipe from our last post.
It’s straightforward to prepare and since we bought an immersion blender, it’s also much less effort than beating the egg whites manually.

The finished Kaiserschmarrn looks delicious

The finished Kaiserschmarrn looks delicious

It turned out absolutely great! This time, we sprinkled some sugar on top of it, instead of honey. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Yves enjoys eating the finished Kaiserschmarrn

That’s delicious!

Of course it also tasted delicious. I’ll surely prepare it again! ūüėõ

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