Yikes! What is that!

Luckily, the guy on our terrace is just a small common wolf snake - Lycodon capucinus

Luckily, the guy on our terrace is just a Small Common Wolf snake – Lycodon capucinus

When I picked up our bamboo mat, that was standing rolled up on our terrace, this morning, to place it before breakfast, I almost suffered a heart attack!
A snake had slept inside it, rolled up at the bottom!
You can hardly imagine how far away I leapt. 😯 😯

Mom carefully scared the snake away, out of our garden, where it hid in the channel that collects the rainwater, but to find out what snake it was, she first took a picture of it. Ron, a very kind and helpful guy who runs Bali Snake Patrol, identified the snake on the photo: it was a small Common Wolf Snake. Not dangerous to humans.

From now on, I’ll check the rolled mat before touching it. 😯

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