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Our chickens seem to like their new home

An egg of a Balinese Kampung chicken draped on a small, red and golden pillow
Elfriede laid her first egg!

We hoped that our chicken would like their new home but we didn’t expect Elfriede to lay an egg on her second day with us. When we checked her cage, we found this small white egg, which is typical for Balinese Kampung chicken. Isn’t it cool?

Two Balinese chicken are standing on a moss covered brick wall
We have our own neighborhood watch now!

We’re keeping the two girls on long leashes. That way, they can explore our garden in a much bigger radius than in a cage or enclosure but still they can’t escape to the road where they could get killed by dogs, cars or motorbikes.

But if they want to check what’s outside of our garden, they just hop on our wall and do the neighborhood watch from there. 😁

Two Balinese chickens are napping on a white stone stool.
Elfriede (left) and Gertrud (right) are having a nap on our stone stool

We already heard that chickens have trouble to sleep during the first few days in a new home. Probably because of that, the two birds fell asleep while sitting on our stone stool this afternoon.

A Balinese chicken rests on the sitting bar in her bamboo cage
Elfriede is getting ready for the night, sitting on her sitting bar

I forgot to mention that the chickens spend only the nights inside the cage. Actually, it’s cageS now because Elfriede was naughty and pecking Gertrud, so that we bought another cage for Gertrud. That way, they can sleep next to each other, without Elfriede bothering Gertrud.

So, when the sun is about to go down, we put the two girls into their cages where they sit on their sitting bars to rest for the night.

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