Elfriede and Gertrud have new homes

The two hen houses stand next to each other
Elfriede and Gertrud have new homes

Elfriede and Gertrud already had two homes but we somehow weren’t satisfied with the fact that they couldn’t enter and exit their cages whenever they wanted. So we decided to buy them new homes. What do you think? I’d say those are rather “hen villas” than cages, no?

A big hen is standing inside her house
Elfriede has a lot of space to move

Elfriede seemed to enjoy the spaciousness of her new home. Even a big hen like her has a lot of space to move. Of course, we added their sitting bars and nests and also coconut bowl for water.

A small hen sits on her sitting bar inside her house
Gertrud seems to like her spacious home, too

Gertrud also enjoyed her new home from the first moment. We were very happy that they liked the houses.

Now, we could leave the doors open all day long and whenever the hens feel like it, they can enter and exit the houses freely. 🙂

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