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Elfriede looks like a chimney sweeper!

A chicken is having a sand bath in a BBQ and looks like a chinmey sweeper
Elfriede is having a “sand bath” in our BBQ

While we were having lunch today, it was just a bit too silent outside in our garden where our chickens were roaming, so we checked on them. Look what we found when we were peeping through our windows: Elfriede had decided to have a sand bath inside our BBQ! 😆 😆

She had kicked the roast out and dug a hollow in the remaining ashes and coals from our last BBQ evening.

The ashes covered chicken is pretending to have bathed in soil only
Elfriede pretends to have bathed in the soil

But the funniest part came when we called Elfriede. She bolted out of the BBQ and threw herself into the soil of the patch in our garden, pretending that she was sand bathing there all the time. 😆 😆

From her look when we burst in laughter, it seemed as if she asked herself how we found out that she had been in the BBQ. 😆 😆

Needless to say that Elfriede looked terrible, covered in ashes and coal, black and grey like a chimney sweeper. 😆 😆

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