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What a great experience!

A young man is paddling in his canoe on a strip of water that leads from the mangrove forest to the open water of a bay
Canoeing is cool!

After we had brought my laptop to the repair guys, dad discovered that there was a special place close to the mangroves close by, and so we decided to have a look. When we arrived, we were greeted by a few very kind locals who explained that it was possible to explore the mangroves by canoe.

A young man is happy, sitting on his dark orange canoe, paddling along the mangroves
I really enjoy canoeing

Of course, I couldn’t resist and so, we were paddling along the waterways through the mangroves a few minutes later. Although quite a lot of time had passed since I last canoed, I immediately remembered how to do it and enjoyed it from the first minute.

A young man paddles his canoe along the green mangrove trees
That’s the type of adventure I really like!

So we canoed our way through the whole mangrove forest. There were 4 guides accompanying us but they were absolutely cool and not hurrying us at all. Still, when we had questions about trees or the mangroves, they explained everything.

In the middle of the mangrove forest, there's a bird oasis where they nest. Above the mangroves, there's the blue sky with a few white clouds that are visible behind the mangroves' leaves
A perfect place to enjoy the birds’ songs

We also visited a very beautiful bird oasis during our trip. It was absolutely amazing! We all were told to be silent, and that way, we could hear all the birds sing.

We paddled for almost two hours and I could have stayed the whole day if it wasn’t for the sun that started to burn quite strong. When we were departed, the sky had still been very cloudy, so we didn’t bring hats or long sleeved shirts.

A young man in a dark orange canoe poses below the the logo of the Wana Segara Kertih Mangroves adventure
I really liked to explore the Wana Segara Kertih

Before heading back to the landing place, mom also took some photos of me with the logo of the Wana Segara Kertih.

A young man in his dark orange plastic canoe is paddling towards the landing place
I’m heading back to the landing place

This really was a very nice adventure and I hope we’ll be coming back another day!

Mom also made a short film about our trip. Enjoy!

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