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Well, if those aren’t happy hens…

Two Balinese hens are exploring the beach. In the background, the turquoise coloured sea and the bright blue sky with a few white cloud stripes are visible.
Elfriede and Gertrud explore the beach

When we wanted to go to the beach after breakfast, we had the idea to bring Elfriede and Gertrud along. So, we bought them transport baskets and took them along on our motorbikes.

Two Balinese hens are sand-bathing on the beach. There are some dry leaves around them, too.
Both hens have found a spot to bathe

We didn’t know if they would like the beach and when we took them out of their transport baskets, we were quite anxious if everything would go well. The hens walked around for a few minutes and then started digging themselves hollows to sand bathe.

They really enjoyed sand-bathing! Mom made a short film for you to watch. Aren’t those happy hens?

Two hens are standing in the sand on the beach, in she shadow below a few trees.
It seems, they both enjoyed the trip

When we wanted to go home, it even seemed as if the two of them would prefer to stay some more, but when the sun got hot and noon came closer, we decided to call it a day.

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