What is going on with Gertrud?

A hen has slipped through the burglar bars of a window
Gerti acts a bit crazy these days

Gertrud has been behaving quite strangely today. First, she absolutely insisted in seeing what I was doing on my computer. That’s why she flew up to our living room window and squeezed herself through the burglar bars.

One hen has hijacked the nest of another hen
Gerti had hijacked Elfriede’s nest

In the afternoon, we suddenly heard strange noises coming out of Elfriede’s house. When mom went to check, she saw that Gertrud had hijacked Elfriede’s nest and laid her egg inside it. Elfriede was completely confused why there was already an egg when she wanted to lay hers.

One thought on “What is going on with Gertrud?

  1. The next day, Gertrud and Elfriede went completely nuts, and didn’t want to get up from their nests any more. They had gone into the clucking state where they want to breed eggs. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything to breed, so we had to “kick” them out of their nests and take the nests out of the houses for a few days. After about 1 week, the two hens went back to “normal” and started laying eggs again.

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