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Long time no see, bro!

A tokay gecko (about 28 cm long) sits on the edge of a stone wall and looks upwards, his mouth open in defence
Look who’s back!

When mom wanted to take a shower this afternoon, she had a quite particular guest and peeping tom in the outside bathroom: The master of disaster was back!

The tokay gecko has moved onto the wall. It's coloured with greenish and yellow speckles
As usual, the master behaves as if everything was his and not ours

We hadn’t seen him in a while and had already been afraid that he could have fallen victim to a road accident or a cat attack.

The tokay gecko moves on to the border of the shower. The bright sunlight seems to blind him a little
Hopefully, he’s not going to call too much during the night

At the same time, we also clarified it for him that too much calling in the nighttime would be punished, and that it would be nice if he didn’t shit into our kitchen too often. ūüėÜ ūüėÜ

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