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Yves Straten aka Fonzie

This is Yves Straten's (Fonzie's) diary

Enjoying a nice Saturday morning promenade

A herd of 10 Balinese cows is grazing on a green field surrounded by jungle. The sky above them is clear and blue.
The cows are enjoying the nice weather

Since the weather was nice this morning, we decided to go on a walk together. So we hopped on the motorbikes and drove a short while where we parked close to a field where a herd of Balinese cows was grazing. These creatures are such beauties. They almost look like antelopes, don’t you agree?

Yves is walking on an earthen path. On his right side, there's the jungle while on his left side, somebody put up a fence made out of wooden sticks and steel wire.
Yves enjoys being out in the middle of nowhere

From the cows’ field, we started walking along an earthen path. The nice thing about our promenades is that we hardly ever meet anybody, and therefore, we can walk without wearing our masks.

An old, dried wooden trunk which is lying on the ground has been carved with intricate patterns and a decorated crocodile. The wood carver must have amazing skills.
Look at these amazing wood carvings

After a while, we passed by a wood carver’s home. Look at what we saw outside of his homestead. That trunk is amazingly decorated! ūüėĮ The wood carver must be very talented! Unfortunately, he wasn’t home.

Yves is walking through more dense jungle
Seems we’re literally quite off the beaten path.

We continued our promenade and after a few hundred meters, the path we were walking on became narrower and narrower. In the end, it seemed as if only the cows had stomped their way through the lush greens of the jungle.

Above the lush green jungle, the ocean is visible at the horizon. The sky above is still clear and blue with only a few very small white fluffy clouds.
Wow! We can even see the ocean from up here!

At a certain point, we had to turn around, because we had arrived on top of a steep and high cliff. But before turning around, we took the time to admire the view. From up there, we could even see the ocean! ūüėĮ

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