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Yves Straten aka Fonzie

This is Yves Straten's (Fonzie's) diary

It’s a Monkey Day today, it seems

A quite big Crab-eating macaque male is sitting on the wall that separates our garden from the next house.
Hey, Chuck’s visiting us again

While we were having breakfast on our terrace, our hens Gertrud and Elfriede suddenly became nervous. We first thought there was a cat nearby, but then we discovered that the big Crab-eating macaque male that we named Chuck, was visiting us, again. This time, he was sitting on the high wall that separates our garden from the next house.

Chuck often comes to our residence to look for food, either on the fruit trees available or in the offerings the people put in their house temples.

(Note by mom: Sorry about the bad quality. I didn’t wanted to scare Chuck away, and I only had a mobile phone to photograph him)

Yves is standing on the red and white paved parking lot of an ex-forrest temple. He is holding his longboard with the toes of his right foot.
The paved parking lot is not that good for skateboarding

Later in the afternoon, after school, we decided to go on a short walk and I brought my longboard along. Unfortunately, I could only use it well on the road as the pavement of the temple’s parking lot was pretty annoying for skateboarding.

A small Crab-eating macaque that a family caught some years ago is sitting on a wall, looking at us
The small guy already knows us

On our way home, we met another monkey friend of ours. He’s a small Crab-eating macaque male that a family caught some years ago and keeps as a pet. The little guy already knows us as we always look for something for him to play with or for a few leaves and papaya leaf stalks for him to eat. It seems that he likes the distraction we are offering him, as he always comes down from his wall when we are arriving.

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