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Another day of explorations…

Look at these cute piglets!

Look at these cute piglets!

When we came through a small village this morning, we met these cute piglets that were playing along the road.

The piglets's parents are closeby, too

The piglets’s parents are closeby, too

Momma Pig and Bapa Pig were standing right next to them, supervising their playing.

Another amAnother amazing panoramaazing panorama

Another amazing panorama

A few hours later, we arrived at another amazing spot with a beautiful panorama.

The weather is changing!

The weather is changing!

Sadly, the weather started changing very fast.
(*** Note by mom: Some people might suspect that Yves had something to do with this fact… 😆 😆 ***)

The chickens don't like rain

The chickens don’t like rain

Just before the downpour started, we arrived at a small Warung which luckily was open. So we decided to stay here for lunch and hide from the rain. Just as the Warung’s chickens did. 🙂

A delicious Nasi Goreng for lunch

A delicious Nasi Goreng for lunch

The Nasi Goreng the warung Owner prepared was very delicious and a very big portion.

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