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A very adventurous hike

I'm full of energy today!

I’m full of energy today!

Although we had enjoyed the time with our friends until quite late Yesterday, I was full of energy this morning and ready to explore some more. We put our Sarongs and Selendangs since we wanted to find a secret hidden temple our friend, the Guru had told us about.

The kind man is our guide today

The kind man is our guide today

The temple wasn’t on any map and so we tried to ask our way through the villages. Sadly without much success first as many people seemed not to know the temple which we were looking for. Luckily, we met a very kind owner of a Warung and he himself was so curious about the temple that he decided to help us find it.

Deeper and deeper into nature...

Deeper and deeper into nature…

So we started walking through the forest, deeper and deeper into nature. There was no street, only very small paths which the residents and their cows had made through the dense vegetation.

The secret temple

The secret temple

After almost one hour walking up a steep hill, we could hardly believe our eyes when we finally found the temple. Our guide was a bit sad because he wasn’t wearing traditional clothes and therefore wasn’t allowed to enter but he told us that he would sure come back in the future to pray in this magic place.

Our guide shows us a well the locals built

Our guide shows us a well the locals built

On the walk back to the village, he also showed us a lot of things. For example one of the wells the villagers had built. They are an interesting construction which collects the falling rainwater in a quite big basin and then lets it run down into the well where it stays fresh for a long time. We also came to know some of the wild fruits and berries growing on the island. It really was a very nice experience which we crowned with a delicious lunch in our guide’s warung. 🙂

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