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Sterilization and vaccination day on the beach

Laika just had a small breakfast

Laika just had a small breakfast

After mom had brought me to school today, she gave Laika the leftovers of our breakfast and headed for the beach. When she arrived there, she came to know that there were veterinaries sterilizing and vaccinating all the beach dogs.

Moni is waking up after the sterilization

Moni is waking up after the sterilization

When mom reached the veterinaries, Moni was just about to wake up after the sterilization.

Felix is still sleeping

Felix is still sleeping

Felix was still sleeping but mom decided to stay with them until they were fully woken up. That way, the dogs could smell and hear somebody familiar while waking but. This gives them the feeling that they aren’t completely alone in this strange, unfamiliar and frightening situation.

Mom and dad are staying with "our" dogs until they are fully woken up

Mom and dad are staying with “our” dogs until they are fully woken up

Later, the vets also helped mom and dad catching Laika, our stray-dog, and sterilizing and vaccinating her. This was an event! Laika cannot be touched. She’s still very afraid – we think because some humans once hurt her very much. So the vets had to shoot her with a tranquilizer injection. When they finally managed to hit her, she ran into the jungle but luckily, dad saw her between the trees and so we could find her easily. After the sterilization and vaccination, the vets’ helpers brought her back to our home where we had to lock her up inside our driveway until she was fully woken up. That was just for her own safety because while she was still groggy, she could hurt herself or get hurt by a motorcycle or car. You cannot imagine how it is to have a dog that terribly fights the tranquilizer while trying to find a way to escape your driveway. We were pretty afraid that Laika would never trust us again, as she bolted away when we could finally open our gate and let her go. But luckily, she came back a few minutes later. 😀

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