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On the way to “our island”, again.

Agung looks amazing today!

Agung looks amazing today!

We had to get up pretty early today as we wanted to go to Nusa Penida where we would be spending the end of the old and the beginning of the new year. When we were on the Jalan tol, we could admire Gunung Agung in all its beauty.

And we're out at sea...

And we’re out at sea…

I could hardly wait until we could finally board the speedboat. It was very cool to meet all the crew members again. Of course they remembered me and so we had a lot of fun.

We also made a short movie for you. 🙂

Of course I brought my bass

Of course I brought my bass

Of course I brought my new bass since I wanted to practice a bit on the island.

The view is impressive, as usual

The view is impressive, as usual

It was so nice to arrive in our “home” and to enjoy the view from our balcony.

There's a big thunderstorm

There’s a big thunderstorm

In the evening, there was a big thunderstorm on the southern part of the island and we could enjoy the lighting from our balcony.

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