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Yves Straten aka Fonzie

This is Yves Straten's (Fonzie's) diary

Enjoying a nice, relaxed and pretty silent morning…

What a wonderful morning!

What a wonderful morning!

After Yesterday evening’s thunderstorm, we were greeted with a beautifully colored morning sky today.

Mount Agung in all its beauty

Mount Agung in all its beauty

After breakfast, we left our home to go on a nice walk in the mountains, actually, hills.

Everything seems dry

Everything seems dry

The scenery was a bit strange as everything seemed to be pretty much dried out…

Bali seems to have rain...

Bali seems to have rain…

In the distance, we could see Bali where clouds had formed around Mount Agung and it seemed that it was raining over there…

Since we were walking far off the beaten path, everything was silent… but listen for yourself in our short movie.

I'm drawing in the sand

I’m drawing in the sand

While we were relaxing a bit in the shadows of a few trees, I drew a few pictures with a stick in the sand.

Delicious Nasi Campur with Babi for lunch

Delicious Nasi Campur with Babi for lunch

On the way home, we couldn’t resist having a delicious Nasi Campur with Babi in the Warung of one of our friends. 😛

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