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Perfect for “cool” days: a portable sauna!

It's quite comfy in here

It’s quite comfy in here

Yeah, it may sound a bit strange in the first place talking about cold weather when one lives in Bali. But can you imagine that we start to freeze at temperatures around 24 degrees?
Seems we’ve gotten used to the tropical weather quite well. 😉

Today was quite a strange day as far as the weather is concerned. Normally, during the rainy season, we have crazy hot weather which almost seems to try to push you to the ground. But not today! When we woke up in the morning, it was quite cold actually.

So we decided to give our new portable sauna a try.

I enjoy having a sauna

I enjoy having a sauna

And what do I say? It was absolutely cool! Err… hot! You’re sitting inside that blue cube, on a small stool and your body is surrounded by hot vapor with essential oils. At the same time, since your head is outside of the cube, it remains cold and you don’t get that annoying feeling of overheating which you get when you enter a regular sauna.

I really enjoyed having a sauna! 😀
(ok the design pattern is a bit silly but they didn’t have any others available and since we’re setting the sauna up in our bathroom only, who cares? 😉 )

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