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OMG! What is THAT!

Oh my god! What the *** did they to to poor Inu????

Oh my god! What the *** did they to to poor Inu????

Oh my! When we opened our gate this morning, a brown something bolted into our gateway and draped itself on our stairs. At first, we had no idea what it was, but after a closer look, we were shocked! That’s why I blurred the picture above. To see it clearly, you can hover your cursor over it but it’s at your own risk! 😯 😯

Can you imagine that this dog looked like THAT before somebody did the above to him?

It almost seemed as if the dog was ashamed of how he looked. At least his whole behaviour had changed, he seemed uncertain, shy and distressed. It was so terribly sad to see him this way. When he understood that we still liked him, it seemed that he gained back a little bit of self-confidence but it was still disturbing how he had changed (not only visibly).

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