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What was that again? Geckos are shy? Not really!

The geckos in our house aren't shy at all. Quite the opposite, they're quite nasty!

The geckos in our house aren’t shy at all. Quite the opposite, they’re quite nasty!

As you may already know, the geckos and especially the Tokays living in our house aren’t shy at all, as they usually should be, but rather the opposite.

That’s why the Master came down from the roof to look at what we were having for dinner today. Quite strange behaviour for a gecko, don’t you think? 😆 😆

(***Note by mom: Well, if you think about the fact that we have 3 smaller geckos living in our house that always come to our dining when we’re having lunch. They do this because they want to have some rice and breadcrumb coating of the crispy chicken. Knowing that, the behaviour of the tokay isn’t that strange after all. The 3 guys from the table even start lamenting if we forget to put them their share of rice corns aside. 😉 ***)

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