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Christmas Day 2021

The Christmas presents are draped on the desk.
Wow! Look at all those presents!

When I woke up today, I immediately headed to our living room to check if there were any presents. And of course there were!

Colorful Balinese offerings are draped onto the coral rocks on the beach
The Balinese people left beautiful offerings on the beach

After breakfast, we headed to the beach for a short walk. Luckily, the weather was nice!

We came across many beautiful Balinese offerings. Seems today wasn’t a special day for Christians only.

Yves is in a very good mood today
I’m in a good mood today!

I enjoyed our short promenade very much. Especially since we were alone on the part of the beach where we were walking and we could take our masks off.

The Christmas lunch: Roast Chicken filled with apples, French fries and red cabbage
Our Christmas Lunch was very delicious!

Of course, we prepared something special for lunch and so we had roast chicken filled with apples, home made French fries and red cabbage. It was absolutely delicious! 😋

A deck and three boxes of Magic the Gathering cards
I love playing Magic the Gathering

In the afternoon, we played a few games of my new card game: Magic the Gathering.

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