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Wow, the storms produced quite a mess

Somebody aligned all the shoes and sandals from the beach in a line
The sea brought quite a lot of footwear

The storms during the last days had brought quite a lot of driftwood and rubbish to the beach. So much that although the helpers had already started collecting, there was still a lot left to do. Somebody had aligned all the shoes and sandals found on the beach in one long line.

There is a gap in the rubbish to get to the hotel entrance
The hotel staff seems to have “opened” an access path through the rubbish

There were only a few spots where you could cross the rubbish and driftwood patch that the sea had built up during the last high tide. One of them was in front of one of the hotels.

Most of the objects on the beach is driftwood
A lot of driftwood on our beach

Luckily, most of the objects that was washed ashore was driftwood and not rubbish. But was still quite a mess and a lot of work to get rid of it.

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