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Oh my, what a frenzy!

Dad had lost his phone
Dad had lost his phone

That was a frenzy this morning! After breakfast and walking on the beach, we wanted to buy some fish from our nearby vendor. When we had almost arrived, dad suddenly noticed that his phone was missing. 😯

We first searched the whole house, but we couldn’t find it there, so mom and dad decided to precautionary block the phone on the “find my iPhone” service from Apple.

After about 30 minutes, the phone suddenly appeared online and mom managed to call it. A very kind Balinese woman had found the phone on the street and taken it home. They had already tried to call us, but when they tried, mom already called them. After she had given us her address, we could go there and pick up the phone. You can’t imagine how relieved mom and dad were! 🙂

It was very nice to see that there are still kind and honest people in this world and that the service provided by Apple really helped in such a situation.

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