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This is Yves Straten's (Fonzie's) diary

A very nice day on Pagerwesi

A young man is surfing on a small wave
The waves are small

Since school was off due to Pagerwesi today, we decided to head to the beach to try if there were any surfable waves.

I was lucky enough to catch a few waves, but unfortunately, they didn’t have much speed and weren’t too big either.

A young man is walking out of the sea, carrying his red and white surfboard under his right arm
Unfortunately, with the arrival of the high tide, the fun was finished

With the arrival of the high tide, the waves became too weak to surf and I called it a day.

Mom made a small film from a few videos for you to enjoy.

A young man is grilling fish in a trashcan that was made into a grill
Let’s have some tuna steaks for lunch

On the way home, we bought a big tuna, which the seller cut into steaks for us, and grilled it for lunch. It tasted wonderful!

A hen with a dark back and light-brown coloured breast is sitting on a wooden armrest
Gertrud is nervous because she’ll probably lay another egg

While we were grilling, Gertrud seemed pretty nervous and uneasy. We supposed that she’d be laying another egg later and probably, after having laid her first egg only a few days ago, she still had to get used to the process.

Two small white chicken eggs
The egg on the right is from Gertrud, the one on the left from Elfriede

And we were right! Gertrud and Elfriede both laid eggs today. Look at them. Can you see the difference in size? Gertrud’s egg is slightly smaller than Elfriede’s. Cute, isn’t it?

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