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Melaspas Ceremony at our friends’ house

Yves is dressed for the Ceremony

Today was the day of our friend Bu Yani and her family‘s Melaspas Ceremony. That’s the ceremony in which new buildings are cleaned and purified so that the people can live in them.

A lot of guests are coming to the ceremony

Bu Yani had invited us and of course we couldn’t miss this very important ceremony in her new home. As the Covid virus is still present, we all wore masks and just greeted the family and then followed the ceremony from outside of the house. It was just too crowded inside as many guests (family, relatives, friends and old neighbors) had arrived.

The table in front of the house temple is loaded with offerings

The whole house, and especially the family temple on the roof, was decorated. In front of the temple, a table had been set up and loaded with offerings.

The whole house of our friends is decorated beautifully

Around the house, decorated balinese poles had been set up and every entrance to the house was decorated colorfully, too.

Even a gong (Balinese orchestra) is present at the ceremony

Before the priest came, the gong, the traditional balinese orchestra had arrived and started playing their tunes. It was a very beautiful and cheerful atmosphere.

Offerings are placed in all shrines in and around the house

While the priest was performing the cleaning rituals on the roof, the relatives and friends of the family brought the offerings to all the different shrines around the houses, sprayed holy water and ignited incense sticks.

We also made a short movie for you to enjoy 😊

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