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Cute animals around our home

The owners of a Warung keep a monkey as a pet

During our Sunday morning promenade, we came across the small grey monkey the owners of a Warung are keeping as a pet. He looked very bored, and so mom searched for something to play for him. Luckily, she found a small coconut shell, and we gave it to the monkey. On our way back, we also gave him some Papaya leaves with stems (sadly, there were no ripe fruits on the plant) and he seemed to enjoy playing with them and eating them.

A yellow-vented bulbul has landed on the bananas that are growing on a banana plant. One banana beneath his feet has turned yellow already, the rest are still green.
Our yellow-vented bulbul likes bananas

When we came home, one of the yellow-vented bulbuls had discovered that there were some bananas turning yellow on our plant. Of course, he enjoyed eating them. We also made a short film for you to enjoy:

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