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Gertrud’s strange choice of a sand-bathing spot

A grilled small tuna, a steamed corn on the cob and crinkle fries are served on a banana leaf
We had grilled small tuna for lunch

What’s the relation between the photo above and the one below?

Look at the top one, what do you see? Correct, a grilled fish. That’s the Tongkol we grilled for our lunch.

Now comes the bottom photo. What do you see there? Correct, a barbecue with a hen – Gertrud – sand bathing in it.

The problem is only that between the two photos, a mere hour had passed. Can you imagine how hot the barbecue spot still was when Gertrud started digging a hole in the coal? 😯

A hen is sand bathing inside a barbecue after she dug a nice hollow inside the still warm coals
Gertrud has chosen a pretty strange place to sand-bathe

When mom chased Gertrud out of the barbecue, she still almost burned her fingers on the coals. So, chances weren’t too low that Gertrud could get burned during her “bathing”. That’s why we need to completely extinguish the coals after grilling and cover the whole barbecue so that the chickens can’t enter it. 😉

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